Catching Up, Part 3


In January 2016 Hideaki came to visit us. We took him for a little trip up to the Muskokas, where he tried ice skating for the second time in his life (and Shuma’s third) at Arrowhead Provincial Park. The park features a skating trail through the forest, and pictures cannot capture how beautiful it was. Particularly the snow that fell sparkling in the afternoon sunlight, which took my breath away but is invisible here.


Sadly it was hard to enjoy the scenery when we were struggling to stay up. It turns out I was barely a better skater than they were. I mean, I can skate fine, but stopping and turning are another story, and on a natural train there are plenty of bends and inclines that make those skills pretty important.


I gave my sore bones a rest in front of the fire.


And the boys did the same thing, but indoors. Smart boys.


The view from our cabin the next morning.


Then came a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium, which was excellent.





Soon it was Easter, and to celebrate I took Shuma to the mall to meet a terrifying Easter Bunny.


And then it was warm once again, and Shuma ran and swung and threw.




We attended a Japanese festival in Mississauga (which is a sister city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture) and Shuma dressed up in his jimbei.

Scan 1

And then Shuma was finished kindergarten! No ceremony, no party, no tears, no fuss- just these “graduation” portraits. How different from Japan.



And then it was summer!



6 thoughts on “Catching Up, Part 3

  1. Not sure how one would ‘fuck off’. It must be a skill particular to your violent white kind.

    Can you advise, white bitch?


  2. I dropped by your website on a whim after thinking how long it’s been since we’ve heard from you, and voila you are here again! Was very happy to see both you and Shuma looking gorgeous and happy, and loved all your beautiful food pictures, as usual! Perhaps someday when you have more time you would, after all, tell us what was going on with Shuma’s kindergarten experience in Japan. Were the issues mostly stemming from his being an “outsider?” As an American who married a native Korean, I often wonder how I and my son (who is also a little boy) would fare in the educational system in Korea. Anyway loved the updates!!


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