Sayonara, Summer

As my favourite season officially ends (I wore a scarf and socks today, that makes it official in my book), here is a look back on our summer.


We started off with lots of visits to splash pads and other watery play areas, but we didn’t really keep it up for the whole summer. Shuma seems to be generating actual nerves in his skin and is no longer impervious to cold water, and will now only tolerate it if it’s above 30 and/or it is deep enough to swim. He loves swimming now. And sandcastles are still a hit, so if there’s sand he’s good.



Animals are also always a hit, and we made several visits to the friendly fuzzies at Chinguacousy Park and Downey’s Farm.



My sister came up for a visit from Texas (then why don’t I have any pictures of her?) and we made our usual trip up to Sauble Beach. The water was freezing (this is on Lake Huron, after all) but he managed to get in plenty of swim time. And snorkeling time, and paddling time too.








The biggest event of the summer was of course our trip to Japan, but we got another small taste of Shuma’s homeland at Kariya Park, a Japanese garden in Mississauga. This small park commemorates Mississauga’s sister city status with Kariya, Aichi Prefecture. It’s really just a pretty pond with a bridge and a few paths, with a zen garden (covered in foot prints when we saw it, because Canadians are assholes) and traditional bronze bell. But it’s also just a short walk from Square One, so well worth a visit if you’re in the area already.






Our last summer outing was a day on the Toronto Islands, starting with a harbour tour. We went straight to Centreville where Shuma went on about 84 rides (I did join him on the bumper cars and log flume).




We took a little trolley tour of the islands, then spent some time on the beach. The beach is shallow and water surprisingly warm so we got plenty of swim time, and although we had to step carefully to avoid goose poop, we spent some time lounging in the sun. And then we took the ferry back to the mainland and said good-bye to summer.

More pictures here.


4 thoughts on “Sayonara, Summer

  1. When I lived in Ontario, I spent almost every single summer weekend in Grand Bend( on Lake Huron). I loved that beach, it reminded me so much of Cali. How is your schooling? How is Shuma doing back in Canada? Does he ask about his dad?


    • I’ve never been to Grand Bend, but hear it’s really nice. My school is tough (we’re studying neuropathology at the moment), Shuma likes it here but hates that he has to learn to write (ha, if only he knew how much easier he has it here, only having to learn 26 letters), and does ask about his dad. We facetime a few times a week.


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